Introduction to Brand Story Course

Introduction to Brand Story Course

Today’s marketplace is being driven by on-line content where the business brand and their story have become one.  This course was created to teach small businesses the necessary skills for developing their story, making a storyboard, filming, editing and branding their stories for the internet.


Over 5 weeks we will learn basic skills for developing story, filming with a video camera, editing on either adobe premiere or imovie and exporting the film for multiple platforms.


You must have a laptop, a video camera, imovie or adobe premiere for this course (tripod recommended).


To see a full course outline please contact andrea [at]

Introduction to Brand Story Course: $1500 – 10 hours

  • Foundation: What a Brand Story does for your brand
  • Strategy: Storyboarding
  • Creation: Content Creation
  • Creation: Editing
  • Creation: Branding
  • Deployment: Launch, Maintenance + Innovation